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Sport Fishing
Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Costa Rica has some of the best Sport Fishing in the world. The Pacific has incredible fishing for Sailfish, Roosterfish, Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, Marlin, Snapper and more. The Atlantic is famous for Big Tarpon and Big Snook. Fishing is good year round, so the best time to come to Costa Rica is anytime. We work with local companies, in Hermosa Beach and Jaco beach. High quality boats are available, any size, small and big ships for a big crew, you rent all the equipment or bring your own, and have a great time. Packages are at a very accessible rate and you will have an unforgettable experience. With an experienced crew you will enjoy fishing off shore. It’s a relaxing trip for you and your family, fishing, sharing, and having lunch in middle of the ocean, drinks, fun.

A trip to Costa Rica is not complete without a day spent on the ocean, and there is no better way to enjoy the beauty and wonder of the Costa Rican sea than aboard a boat. One of the reasons people choose this trip is not only to fish, but also to be witness of the marine life, if you are lucky you will be able to see dolphins or a whale. Approximately 25 whale and dolphin species inhabit Costa Rica's oceans.

Off the Pacific coast, visitors may spot bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins, pantropical spotted dolphins, Risso’s dolphins, rough-toothed dolphins, spinner dolphins, and striped dolphins. Orcas, pseudo orcas, and short-finned pilot whales – also in the dolphin family – can be found along the entire length of the Pacific coast, while Costero and bottlenose dolphins are frequently seen in Costa Rica’s Caribbean waters.

One of Costa Rica’s most frequently sighted dolphins is the playful bottlenose (Tursiops truncates), which measures 8-12 feet long and can weigh upwards of 1,400 pounds. However, most bottlenose dolphins found in Costa Rican waters are significantly smaller, weighing less than 1,000 pounds. Males are typically longer and heavier as adults, but females grow more quickly within the first 10 years.

Orca whales (Orcinus orca), also known as killer whales, are the largest members of the dolphin family. They are easily identified by their black and white color pattern. Killer whales have huge dorsal fins that can grow six feet in males and three feet in females. Dorsal markings are unique to each orca, much like fingerprints are to humans.

White tip reef sharks are by far the most common shark in Costa Rica, frequently encountered along the country's Pacific Coast – from the Bat Islands all the way to the Osa Peninsula and Cocos Island. This sleek breed, Triaenodon obesus, is a non-aggressive species of the requiem family of shark. These migratory fish thrive in extremely warm and shallow waters, and are best known for their round eyes, broad heads and the tell-tale blotches of white on their dorsal and caudal fins. You can be witness of this marvelous sight, you are just a few clicks away.

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